Ten Things that Guarantee your that your calling and election will be sure 


  1. Obtain like precious faith (2Pet. 1:1).


  1. Increase in grace and peace (2Pet. 1:2).


  1. Live a godly life by God’s power (2Pet. 1:3; 1Pet. 1:5-13).


  1. Partake of the divine nature (2Pet. 1:4).


  1. Escape the corruption of the world and the lust of the flesh (2Pet. 1:4).


  1. Add the graces of 2Pet. 1:5-7.


  1. Let these graces abound (2Pet. 1:8).


Seven Steps that must be added and abounding


First, Add to faith virtue (Christian Virtues)


Second, Add to virtue knowledge (2Pet. 1:5)


Third, Add to knowledge temperance (note, 9, Gal. 5:22)


Fourth, Add to temperance patience


Fifth,  Add to patience godliness (note, 1Tim. 3:16)


Sixth, Add to godliness brotherly kindness


Seventh, Add to brotherly kindness love (note, 1Cor. 13:4)


  1. Be fruitful in knowledge (2Pet. 1:8).


  1. Live free from past sins (2Pet. 1:9).


  1. Give diligence to make personal calling and election sure (2Pet. 1:10).