Dear Friends, the theme for this year’s Women’s meeting was “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient:” (1Cor 6:12). God blessed the services with spiritual messages and the business was conducted by wise godly women. Second generation Christians are stepping up and filling leadership positions.

One of the ladies attending the meeting began to suffer from a swelled leg from her toes to her knee. The local doctor thought it was a buruli ulcer. He lanced it deeply, stitched it and sent her home. Her leg continued to swell during the meeting so on her way home she sought specialized treatment at a leper clinic. As God would have it; there was a specialist on staff who correctly diagnosed her condition; not as leprosy but as a rare leg infection. She was given treatment and was able to go home four days later. We thank God it was not leprosy!

Thank you for praying for the new work among the Baoule. We held a special service there with an impromtu Pastor’s singing trio and I preached on “The Courage to Witness for Christ”. There are currently two couples attending with a potential third couple. Please pray that God will arrange the third couple’s job situation so they can become a permanent part of this group.

Thank you for your continued prayers that God would call more young men into the ministry. We are blessed to report that a young man from one of our house churches has announced his call to preach. Please ask God to give him courage, wisdom, and integrety in the face of Satan’s attacks.