Psalms 10:5

KJB – the wicked…..His ways are always GRIEVOUS

NIV – the wicked…..His ways are always PROSPEROUS

NKJV – the wicked…..His ways are always PROSPERING

ESV – the wicked…..His ways PROSPER at all times

HCSB – the wicked…..His ways are always SECURE

Jehovah Witness NWT …His ways KEEP PROSPERING

Catholic St. Joseph New American Bible…His ways are SECURE at all times





The description of the wicked in verse 5 “His ways are always GRIEVOUS”.



However the NKJV joins the NASB, NIV, ESV and the Jehovah Witness NWT in saying: “his ways are always PROSPEROUS.”


The NKJV has translated this same word, # 2342 ghool (gheel)  as “grieved” in  Jeremiah 5:3 and as “violent”  in  Jeremiah 23:19.  The word means “to afflict, to be in pain, to travail, anguish and to wound”. It never means to be “prosperous”. In fact, I looked in the NIV and NASB concordances and many times they render the word with the above meanings, but only ONE time do they translate it as “prosperous”, and that is here in Psalm 10:5.



There are many different ways the various Bible versions have translated this word, and some of them are opposites, but many of them side with the meaning found in the King James Bible. 



Even the Geneva bible 1599 said “His ways always PROSPER” but the KJB translators deliberately rejected this meaning.



Wycliffe’s translation of 1395 has “his ways BE DEFOULED in all time”



Coverdale’s bible of 1535 and Matthew’s Bible 1549 read: “His wayes are allwaye FILTHIE”. 



The Great Bible 1540 and the Bishops’ Bible 1568 both read like the KJB -“His wayes are alwayes GREEVOUS”.



The Thomson Bible 1808 reads: “His ways ARE POLLUTED on every occasion”



The Longman Version 1841 reads: ” His ways are ALWAYS EVIL.”



The Boothroyd Bible 1853 – “PERVERSE at all times are his ways”



Lamsa’s translation of the Syriac has “His ways are always WEAK”, but the Bible in Basic English 1961 has the opposite with “His ways ARE EVER FIXED, while the Douay-Rheims reads “his ways ARE FILTHY at all times”.



God’s First Truth 1999 says: “His ways are always FILTHY”



Young’s 1898 says “PAIN do his ways at all times.” and the Julia Smith Translation 1855 is similar with: “His way WILL BE IN PAIN in all time”



Green’s 2000 literal – “His ways ARE PERVERTED at all times”  



The Apostolic Polyglot Bible 2003 – “his ways are PROFANE at all time”



The 2011 Common English Bible says “Their ways ARE ALWAYS TWISTED.” 



The Amplified Bible of 1987 reads: “His ways ARE GRIEVOUS [or persist] at all times.”



A Conservative Version 2005 and The Online Interlinear 2010 (André de Mol) have: “PROFANE are his ways at all times”  



The Hebraic Roots Bible 2015 – “his ways ARE PERVERTED at all times”



“His ways are always GRIEVOUS”



Besides the Great Bible 1540 and the Bishops’ Bible 1568 also reading “his ways are always GRIEVOUS” are The Bill Bible 1671 – “his was are always GRIEVOUS”, Webster’s 1833 translation, The Sharpe Bible 1883, The Ancient Hebrew Bible 1907 – “his ways are always GRIEVOUS”, The Amplified Version 1987 edition “His ways ARE GRIEVOUS”, The Word of Yah 1993, the KJV 21st Century 1994, the Third Millennium Bible of 1998, the Bond Slave Version 2009, the English Jubilee Bible of 2010, the Hebrew Transliteration Scripture 2010, the BRG Bible 2012. 



The Ancient Hebrew Bible 1907 – “His ways are always GRIEVOUS”





The Jewish Virtual Library Tanach (full text) 1994 also reads “his way are always GRIEVOUS”



And this online Hebrew Interlinear Bible – “grievous” 



The Hebrew Transliteration Scripture 2010 – “His ways are always GRIEVOUS”





Among foreign language Bibles the Spanish Antigua Versión agrees with the sense of the KJB saying: “Sus caminos son VICIOSOS  en todo tiempo” = his ways are VICIOUS. 



The 1960 and  1995 Reina Valera have “Sus caminos SON TORCIDOS” = his ways are twisted.  



The 1569 Spanish Sagradas Escrituras has “Sus caminos ATORMENTAN en todo tiempo” = his ways cause torment at all times” and the Portuguese A Sagrada Biblia and the Portuguese Almeida Corrigida E Fiel both agree, saying “Os seus caminhos ATORMENTAM sempre” = his was always cause torment,  while the 1649 Italian Diodati says: “Le sue vie SON PROFANE in ogni tempo” = his ways are profane at all times .



The Modern Greek Bible says “his ways DEFILE at all times” -Αι οδοι αυτου μολυνονται εν παντι καιρω·