“Now the serpent
was more suptle…”
Gen. 3:1
King James

NKJV omits the word “Lord” 66 times.

NKJV omits the word “God” 51 times.

NKJV omits the word “heaven” 50 times.

NKJV omits the word “repent” 44 times.

NKJV omits the word “blood” 23 times.

NKJV omits the word “hell” 22 times.

NKJV omits the word “JEHOVAH” entirely.

NKJV omits the word “new testament” entirely.

NKJV omits the word “damnation” entirely.

NKJV omits the word “devils” entirely.

NKJV ignored the KJV Greek

Textus Receptus over 1,200 times.

NKJV replaced the KJV Hebrew

(ben Chayyim) with the corrupt Stuttgart

edition (ben Asher) Old Testament.

From the book,


“New Age Bible Versions”

By G. A. Riplinger

Why does the NKJV use harder words than the KJV? The derivative copyright law insists that: “To be copyrightable, a derivative work must be different enough from the original to be regarded as a ‘new work’ or must contain a substantial amount of new material. Making minor changes or  additions of little substance to a pre-existing work will not qualify the work as a new version for copyright purposes.” Therefore all new Bible versions must change those simple one or two syllable Anglo-Saxon words to complex Latinized words. Consequently the KJV reads at the 5th grade level and the NKJV reads at the 6th grade level. Because of this copyright law, there will never be an easier to read Bible than the KJV.

                          HARD WORD                  EASY WORD

                                NKJV                         KJV

2 Cor. 3:12       we use great        we use great

                          boldness of           plainness

                           speech                   speech

Amos 5:21        savor                       smell

2 Cor. 5:2          habitation               house

Eccl. 2:3             gratify                     give

Is. 28:1, 4           verdant                   fat

Is. 34:6               overflowing           fat

Is. 13:12             mortal                     man

Deut. 28:50        elderly                    old

Judges 19:29      limb                        bones

Ps. 43:1               vindicate               judge

Rom. 13:14         resolve                  judge

Josh. 22:24          descendants         children

Heb. 7:8              mortal men          men that die

John 6:7              denarii                   pennyworth

Acts 17:22          the Areopagus     Marrs Hill

Ez. 31:4              rivulets                  little rivers

Joel 1:2               elders                     old men

John 18:28         Praetorium          judgment hall

Eccl. 4:4             skillful                  right

Rom. 13:1          governing            higher

                           Authorities          powers              

Gal. 5:4              estranged             no effect

Is. 2:16               sloops                   pictures

1 Cor. 9:27         disqualified         castaway

Lam. 5:3             waif                      fatherless

1 Sam. 10:19      clans                     thousands

Eccl. 5:1             walk prudently   keep thy foot

Luke 16:8           shrewdly            wisely

Jude 1:22            distinction          difference

Acts 17:5            were not              believed not


Ezra 6:1              archives              house of rolls

Acts 27:17          Syrtis Sands       quicksand

Ps. 139:23           anxieties              thoughts

Neh. 3:7              residence            throne

Obad. 1:12          captivity             stranger

2 Cor. 11:5           eminent              chiefest

Job 2:10                adversity             evil

1 Sam. 16:14       distressing           evil

Jer. 19:3               catastrophe          evil

2 Kings 22:16      calamity               evil

Eccl. 12:1             difficult                evil

Eccl. 8:5               harmful                evil

Ezek. 5:16            terrible                 evil

Ezek. 5:17            wild                      evil

2 Sam. 17:14        disaster                evil

1 Kings 17:20       tragedy                evil

Prov. 16:4            doom                    evil

Jer. 44:17              trouble                 evil

Amos 9:4             harm                     evil

Matt. 3:12            winnowing fan    fan

Matt. 5:40            tunic                     coat

Matt. 10:9            moneybelts         purse

Phil. 1:16           the former…        the one…

                           The latter              the other

Matt. 10:10          tunics                  coats

Matt. 13:47          dragnet               net

Matt. 15:29          skirted the          came nigh

                              sea                      unto the sea  

Matt. 20:2            a denarius          a penny

Matt. 21:15          indignant           displeased

Matt. 23:25          self-indulgence  excess  

Matt. 26:7            flask                     box

Matt. 27:27          Praetorium         common hall

Matt. 27:27          garrison              band of  


Mark 5:10          earnestly              much

Mark 6:8            copper in their   money in their

                            money belts        purse

Mark 6:56          marketplaces       streets

Mark 7:4             couches                tables

Mark 9:41           he will by            he shall not

                             no means     

Mark 12:44         her whole            her living


Mark 14:3           flask                     box

Mark 15:45         granted                gave

Luke 5:3              multitudes          people

Luke 7:1              concluded           ended

Luke 8:31            the abyss             the deep

Luke 8:37            seized                  taken

Luke 10:40          approached        came

Luke 12:14          arbitrator            divider

Luke 15:13          prodigal               riotous

Luke 15:16          stomach               belly

Luke 16:8            more shrewd       wiser

Luke 19:13          minas                    pounds

Luke 19:14          delegation            message

Luke 19:43          embankment        trench

Luke 21:5            donations             gifts

Luke 24:13           were traveling    went

Luke 24:45           comprehend       understand

John 2:10              inferior               worse

N.T.                      hades                     hell

1 Kings 10:28       Keva                     linen yarns

1 Sam. 13:21         pim                       file

John 4:12               livestock              cattle

John 9:8                 previously          before

John 10:41             performed           did

John 12:6               money box           bag

John 16:29             figure of speech   proverb

John 18:3               detachment           band of men

                                of troops

John 18:28              Praetorium          hall of judgment           

John 13:22              perplexed             doubting

John 16:25              figurative             proverbs


John 19:7                according to        by our law

                                our law

John 19:9                Praetorium          judgment hall

John 19:23              tunic                      coat

John 19:24          divided                    parted

John 21:7            garment                    coat

Acts 1:18             entrails                     bowels

Acts 4:2               greatly disturbed    grieved

Acts 4:34             proceeds                  prices

Acts 5:7               happened                done

Acts 5:14             increasingly            more

Acts 7:38             congregation           church

Acts 10:1             Regiment                 band

Acts 14:5             a violent attempt     an assult

Acts 14:16          bygone generations  times past

Acts 15:9             distinction                difference

Acts 18:5             constrained              pressed

Acts 18:12           proconsul                 deputy

Acts 19:21           accomplished          ended

Acts 19:23           commotion               stir

Acts 19:38           proconsuls               deputies

Acts 21:16           an early disciple      an old disciple

Acts 21:20           myriads                     thousands

Acts 21:29           previously                before

Acts 21:31           garrison                     band

Acts 21:34           ascertain                    know

Acts 21:34           barracks                     castle           

Acts 21:38           insurrection              uproar

Acts 23:35           Praetorium                judgment hall’

Acts 24:11           ascertain                    understand

Acts 25:3             summon                    send

Acts 25:20           concerning                 of

Acts 25:23           auditorium                place of hearing

Acts 27:1             Regiment                   band

Acts 27:21           incurred                     gained

Acts 27:30           skiff                             boat

Rom. 1:26           exchanged                  changed

Rom. 2:5             in accordance            after

Rom. 2:27           written code              the letter

Rom. 3:25           sins that were pre-    sins that are

                            viously committed         past

Rom. 7:7             covetousness             lust

Rom. 10:12         distinction                  difference


                          NKJV                   KJV

Luke 13:8          Sir                         Lord

Matt. 18:26        before him          and worshipped

                           saying, Master   him saying, Lord

Matt. 20:20        kneeling down   worshipping him

Matt. 26:64        right hand of       right hand of power

                            the power

Gen. 22:8          God will pro-       God will provide

                          vide for himself    himself a lamb

                           the lamb

John 8:35           a son                       the Son

Col. 2:2             the mystery of      the mystery of God,

                          God, both of the    and of the Father,

                          Father and of          and of Christ

                            Christ                                       (trinity)

Matt. 8:19          Teacher                    Master

Matt. 19:16        Good Teacher         Good Master

Matt. 22:16        Teacher                     Master

Matt. 23:8          One is your            one is your   

                          Teacher, the             Master, even

                              Christ                     Christ

Matt. 23:10     And do not be       Neither be ye called

                         Called teachers,      masters: for one is

                         For One is your        your Master, even

                         Teacher, the Christ    Christ

NKJV Copies Jehovah’s Witness Version

                               Demotes Jesus Christ

Acts 3:13     His Servant Jesus     His Son Jesus

Acts 3:26     His Servant Jesus     His Son Jesus

Acts 4:27     holy Servant Jesus    holy child Jesus

Acts 4:30     holy Servant Jesus    holy child Jesus

Col. 1:15     the firstborn over      the firstborn of

                     all creation                 every creature

Mark 2:15    OMMITED                 Jesus

Heb. 4:8       Joshua                         Jesus

Acts 7:45      Joshua                         Jesus

2 Thes. 3:5   patience of Christ      patient waiting for


Demotes Trinity

Acts 17:29   Divine Nature            Godhead

Phil. 4:20    our God and Father   God and our Father

Rev. 1:6       his God and Father    God and his Father


Col. 3:17       God the Father         God and the Father 

                      through Him             by him

John 14:16    Helper                        Comforter

John 14:26    Helper                        Comforter

John 15:26    Helper                        Comforter

John 16:7      Helper                        Comforter

Works/Progressive Salvation

1 Cor. 11:1    Imitate Christ        followers…of Christ

Rom. 3:3       faithfulness               faith

Rom. 11:30   disobedient               not believed

Rom. 11:32   disobedient               unbelief

1 Cor. 1:18    are being saved        are saved

2 Cor. 2:15    are being saved        are saved

Eph. 2:8        have been saved       are…saved

NKJV Supports New Age Ideas

Works Salvation

 NKJV                     KJV

Matt. 7:14      difficult is the way    narrow is the way

Gal. 5:22        faithfulness                 faith

1 John 5:13    may continue to         may believe


Eccl. 5:20   God keeps him busy  God answereth him

Progressive Ages

Matt. 12:32    age to come           world to come

Matt. 13:39    end of the age        end of the world

Acts 15:18      from eternity         from the beginning

                                                        of the world

1 Cor. 15:45    Adam became a    Adam was made a

                         living being           living soul

Pantheism, Androgeny, Gender Equity

Luke 7:19, 20   the Coming One  he that should come

Matt. 11:3       the Coming One    he that should come

John 7:18          the One                   he, his

John 4:24          God is Spirit           God is a Spirit

2 Cor. 2:10       presence                  person

Gen. 2:18         helper comparable  help meet for him

                          to him                  

Self-Esteem (“the devil made me do it”)

Phil. 3:21     lowly bodies             vile bodies

1 John 5:19  whole world lies      whole world lieth

                     under the sway of     in wickedness

                    the wicked one

Luke 11:4    deliver us from          deliver us from evil

                      The evil one


Matt. 5:37     the evil one              of evil

2 Cor. 1:12    boast                         rejoicing

Religious Tolerance • One World Religion

Acts 24:14      sect                          heresy

Acts 17:22      very religious        too superstitious

Ps. 19:1          nations                    heathen

Acts 8:9          astonished             bewitched

Acts 25:19      religion                   superstition

2 Cor. 10:5     casting down          casting down

                        arguments              imaginations

Titus 3:10    Reject a divisive man    an heretic…reject

Relative/Subjective Standards

Matt. 5:32     sexual immorality    fornication

1 Cor. 6:9      homosexual              effeminate

Omit all        perverted persons    sodomites

2 Tim. 3:17    complete                   perfect

New Age Name Game/Jargon

Matt. 23:10    the Christ                  Christ

Ps. 109:6        omit                           satan

Rom. 6:24      slave                          servant

Omit 22x’s     hades                        hell

Omit 81x’s     demon(s)                  devil(s)

Mark of the Beast

Rev. 13:16      a mark on their        a mark in their

                        hand                          hand

1 Sam. 13:21   the charge…was     they had a file…

                       pim                             for the coulters

 (positive identification microchip)







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