Meet Our Teachers
Nursery (0-2 year old children)
Our nursery teachers are entrusted with our most precious gifts, our babies! These women lovingly care for the children while giving every parent the opportunity to focus on the Word of God.
Toddler (3-5 year old children
These are our teachers for any student from 3 years old to 5 years old. They are great examples of God’s love towards us, they enjoy molding young hearts.
Primary (6-8 year old children)
Our primary class is one of our larger classes. The teachers spend time singing songs, praying and teaching the children God’s Word on their level.
Junior (9-11 year old children)
Leviticus 10:11 “And that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the LORD hath spoken…”
Our Junior Class is filled with kids who are learning to love and live for God because they have teachers who are dedicated to their spiritual growth.
Teen (12-17 year old children)
The Teen Class is a group of about 20 teens. We gather during Sunday School and Wednesday Evening Service. Come spend some time with us and see how the Bible is still relevant in this modern world. The Sunday School class is a “Question and Answer” class, for open discussion.