John Errors
In Modern Versions
1:27- “is preferred before me” is omitted
1:42- “a stone” is changed to “Peter”
2:22- “unto them” is omitted
3:13- “which is in Heaven” is omitted
3:15- “should not perish” is omitted
3:16- “only begotten son” is changed to “one and only son”
4:16- “Jesus” is omitted
4:42- “the Christ” is omitted
4:46- “Jesus” is omitted

5:3-“waiting for the moving of the water” is omitted

5:4- Entire verse is omitted or placed in brackets

5:16- “and sought to slay him” is omitted

5:30- “the Father” is changed to “him”

6:11- “he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples” is omitted

6:39- “Father’s” is changed to “him”

6:47- “on me” is omitted

6:65- “my” is changed to “the”

6:69- “that Christ, the Son of the living” is changed to “Holy one”

7:8- “yet” is omitted

7:53-8:11-Placed in brackets and doubt is placed upon it in the footnotes. 

8:9- “being convicted by their own conscience” is omitted

8:20- “Jesus” is omitted

8:59- “going through the midst of them, and so passed by” is omitted

9:4- “I” is changed to “we”

9:11- “the pool of” is omitted

9:35- “God” is changed to “Man”

9:38- Footnote in 1901 ASV states that Christ was a created being. “The Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid to a creature (as here) or to the Creator.”

10:29- “my” is changed to “the”
10:32- “my” is changed to “the”
11:41- “from the place where the dead was laid” is omitted
12:1- “which had been dead” is omitted
12:41- “when” is changed to “because”
16:3- “unto you” is omitted
16:16- “because I go the Father” is omitted
17:11- “those whom” is omitted
17:12- “in the world” is omitted
19:38- “of Jesus” omitted both times in this verse
20:29- “Thomas” is omitted