Jesus Never Spoke in Tongues

Chapter 1

You call faithfully follow every

example Jesus ever left us, have every experience Jesus ever had

with the Holy Spirit and obey every commandment Jesus ever gave and never one time speak in

tongues. Jesus, himself, never

spoke in tongues.


Jesus Never Spoke In Tongues


The leaders of the modern tongues movement are conducting the religious “rip-off’ of the century. They are convincing many sincere people of things they could not actually believe themselves.


Suppose Jesus Christ walked into a charismatic church without being recognized. Imagine how it would be, According to standard procedure their first question would be, “Have you received the Holy Spirit?” He would answer, “Yes. When I was baptized the Holy Spirit descended on me like a dove.”


Then would come the inevitable question, “Did you have the evidence of speaking in tongues?” “No,” Jesus would reply! “I lived a sinless life. I raised the dead. I loved my enemies. I gave all I had for others. But I never spoke in tongues.”


Now do you believe they would say to Him what they are trying to tell the rest of us? “That is not enough! The initial evidence of the baptism is speaking in tongues.” Can you picture the most rabid of the tongues leaders marching Him to an altar and exhorting Him to loose His tongue, like they do us?


No. I don’t think they would. You see I really doubt that they believe what they are saying, not: when they dogmatically declare we can’t be filled with the Spirit without speaking tongues.”

Even In their wildest zeal they realize, “Jesus never spoke In tongues.”


But despite this fact they flippantly ignore Jesus’ example. “Well that was before Pentecost,” they tell us. But this is a problem. It makes tongues an experience for one special time. They cannot afford to do this because their main argument is based on, “God is the same yesterday, today and forever more” (Heb. 13:8).

Therefore, they reason, the evidence of the baptism must be the same as on the day of Pentecost: “speaking in tongues.”


Others try to dismiss Jesus’ baptism without tongues by saying, “We don’t know whether Jesus spoke in tongues or not.” But this poses another problem. The Holy Spirit records the life of Jesus four different times in great detail and never mentions Him speaking in tongues. Either Jesus never spoke in tongues or the Holy Spirit decided it was not of enough importance to record. Certainly no charismatic would ever admit speaking in tongues is not important. They are left with the alternative that Jesus never spoke in tongues.


I have heard another attempt to cover Jesus’ case, “Jesus did not need tongues to communicate; with God, He was Divine.” Now that is very true and very important. True because He could talk with Jehovah without tongues and important because Jesus is our example in talking with God!


You Can Follow Every Example Jesus Left Us Without

 Speaking In Tongues


We must have a standard. To say a “pound” would mean nothing if their was not a standard weight in Washington by which every other weight had to be tested.

The “standard” God has given Christians is the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus declared, “Follow me.” Jesus said, “I have left you an example.” And our example, our leader never spoke in tongues.

Sampson was filled with the Spirit and went out and killed thousands of Philistines. But I don’t go around killing Philistines. I’m not following Sampson. I’m following Jesus Christ.

At Pentecost the people were filled with the Spirit and spoke in languages they had never known before, but they are not my pattern, Jesus is, and Jesus never spoke tongues.


Historically the great enemy of Christianity has been movements that operated in Jesus’ name without following Jesus’ example; movements in which people followed leaders who were not following Jesus.


In the early church such a movement arose. It was led by legalists. They contended Christians had to keep the law God gave to the Jews (Gal. 4:21), observe holy days (Gal. 4:10) and be circumcised (Gal. 5:2, 6:12, I3).


It was a big movement! It grew swiftly! It appeared to be of God! But Paul said,  “I marvel that ye are so quickly removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto a different gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would prevent the gospel of Christ” (Gal.1:6-7). False teachers had “bewitched them” (Gal. 3:1). They had frustrated the grace of God” (Gal. 2:21). All because they followed men instead of Jesus.

Then another movement arose within the Christian church. It was big! It even overwhelmed the Catholics! The Pope himself, recognized it had to be of God! It happened in 1092. The Turks attacked the Holy Land. Christians could no longer be inspired by visiting Jesus’ birth place. It had to be the will of God that they kill these Turks. So they formed their armies.

The church gained a large increase in its power to tax and raise money. No one could have seen the zeal of so many shouting thousands plus the financial backing that was amassed and have doubted that God was in it. They were so sure it was of God they gladly died by the tens of thousands. They were sincere but they were defeated. They had been misled. The Crusades dishonored the cause of “loving our enemies,”


They quit walking in the “way” Jesus walked and to walk “where” Jesus walked. It was the same historic blunder. They simply quit following the clear example God gave them in Jesus Christ.


If our Lord tarries, will future generations look back on us and wonder? Will they say, “I-low could such a massive movement of tongues talking have ever arisen within the Christian Church? How could Jesus’ followers have ever devoted themselves so passionately to speaking in tongues when   Jesus never spoke in tongues?” Jesus had many experiences with the Holy Spirit. His entrance into the history of our planet came by the Holy Ghost.


Mary, a little virgin girl conceived by the Holy Spirit and Jesus came into the world. At his baptism the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove (John 1:22). Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into his historic conflict with Satan. (Matt. 4:1). Jesus cast out devils by the power of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 12:28). The Spirit of the Lord was upon Him (Luke 4:14). Jesus was raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:11). The Bible declares Jesus had all there was of the Holy Spirit (John 3:34). God did not give a “measure” or portion to His Son. Jesus had it all. Yet Jesus never spoke in tongues!


You Can Obey Every Command Jesus

Ever Gave and Not Speak In Tongues


Sincere Christians love Jesus because Jesus loved them enough to die for them. As Paul said, “We love Him because He first loved us.” And every sincere Christian wants to let Jesus know of his love. How does He want us to express our love for Him? Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15).


Jesus commanded us to “love our enemies,” to “turn the other cheek,” to “pray,” to “go into all the world and preach the gospel,” but never one time did He command us to speak in tongues. Many do command us to speak in tongues but Jesus was never among them.


You call faithfully follow every example Jesus ever left us, have every experience Jesus ever had with the Holy Spirit and obey every commandment Jesus ever gave and never one time speak in tongues. Jesus, himself, never spoke in tongues. And deep in your heart you know, nobody can ever he a better Christian than Christ.



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