D.L. Moody

Once again people are still quoting and promoting false teachers and people are liking and sharing what these false teachers are saying and people are looking into what else they believed and being lead into damnable teachings see 2 Pet 2:1-4.

For example, someone quoted something that the false teacher D. L. Moody said.

Well, here are some statements about him to prove that he is a double minded false teacher just like those that quote and promote him.

70% of those that professed conversion in Moody’s meetings became backsliders. See 2 Pet 2:19-22 especially v. 21.

And this is what has been happening in “Christianity” for the last 300 + years we have cursed the world with backsliders thanks to people like Moody and so many others that believe you can live in sin and still have eternal life.

Moody seldom preached on hell.

When Moody caught criticism for this, his response was, “A great many people say I don’t preach on the terrors of religion. I don’t want scare men into the kingdom of God.”

Moody opted to preach God’s love and avoid the subject of hell in most of his sermons.

The Lord and many other Bible writers thought different see Mt 5:22; Mt 5:29; Mt 10:28; Mt 18:9; Mt 23:15; Mt 23:33; Mk 9:43; Lu 12:5; Mt 3:12; Mt 13:30; Mt 13:42; Mt 18:8; Mt 25:41; Mk 9:44; Lu 3:9; Lu 3:17; Lu 16:24; He 6:8; Jude 1:7; Re 14:10; Re 19:20; Re 20:10; Re 20:15; Re 21:8.

Moody espoused the idea of premillennialism.

He was also important to the entire history of the development of dispensationalism and the eventual rise and dominance of premillennialism. Here are just a few verses refuting this view Jn 5:28-29. 2 Pet 3:7-14. Rev. Chapters 19&20.

Moody embraced the Christian evolutionist Henry Drummond as being the most Christlike man he ever met.

Such an “endorsement” was shocking in Moody’s day. The reason is because he was a false teacher just like Moody was.

Moody was viciously attacked as a “heretic” simply because he allowed Drummond to speak at some of his Christian conferences. (Churches today are still allowing people to preach for them that they should be separating themselves from). See link below for a list of people that the Bible says Christians should separate from.

Moody allowed women to preach to the congregation.

See 1 Co 11:3; 1 Co 11:7; 1 Co 14:34; Ep 5:22; Ep 5:24; Col 3:18; 1 Ti 2:11-15; 3:1-13 Tit 2:5; 1 Pe 3:1; 1 Pe 3:5.


Moody didn’t believe in making doctrine an issue.

Paul did 1 Timothy 4:16

For this reason, some Calvinists and Arminians claimed him on the one hand, but they were infuriated by him on the other.

The Arminians broke out in hives over his “once in grace, always in grace” view.

A great many CARELESS Christians will get into heaven. (Damnable Teaching) see 2 Pet 2:1-4 see link below for a refutation of this view.

And Calvinists were livid over his emphasis on human responsibility, faith-is-a-choice view, and his belief in the universal provision of salvation.

According to Moody, “I don’t try to reconcile God’s sovereignty and man’s free agency.”

This is nothing but Satanic double mindedness just like the ones that quote and promote these false teachers. See Mt 6:24; Mt 12:30; Lu 9:62; 16:13; 1 Co 10:21; Ja 1:8; Ja 4:8. Ep 4:14

Moody believed in interdenominational ecumenicism.

Moody found some of the Roman Catholic mystics to be helpful. In his One Thousand and One Thoughts from My Library, Moody cites 225 authors; included are the Christian mystics, Madame Guyon and Madame Swetchine.

He also “advocated co-operation with Roman Catholics in world evangelization” and “‘gave a handsome sum’ to build a Roman Catholic church in his home town.” In addition, Moody once asked a “Roman Catholic bishop to pray for him.” See the link for Separation below.

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