Charlie Kirk Calls Pastors in the US a ‘Joke’ 

TPUSA Faith and Dream City Church Partner to Host Freedom Night in America

Brittany Smith March 11, 2024

On Wednesday, Dream City Church held its monthly Freedom Night in America event with guest speaker Andrew Sedra.

The multi-site church based in Phoenix, Arizona, hosts the gathering in partnership with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA Faith (TPUSA).

According to its website, Dream City Church launched Freedom Night in America “in an effort to continue winning the American Culture War.”

The goal for Dream City and TPUSA Faith is to “call the faith community to action. With Freedom Night in America, TPUSA Faith is activating millions of faith-filled patriotic Americans by giving them the necessary tools to bridge the gap of Faith and Freedom in an effort to save the country.”

This month’s guest speaker, Andrew Sedra, is the pastor of Echo Church in Australia. At the Freedom Night event he largely focused on politics in Australia and the United States, LGBTQ+ issues, and what he says are the dangers of Islam.

He told the audience he believes that, from a cultural standpoint, Australia is about 10 years ahead of the United States.

Australia is “setting up the environment to systematically criminalize Christianity…Every single person has to worship the pagan gods of the state, and that’s what’s happening in America at the moment,” Sedra said.

Kirk agreed. He emphasized the importance of politics by referencing the biblical story of Elijah.

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“We need a spirit of Elijah right now in this country. By the way, [the story of Elijah] is a great example if anyone ever tells you you shouldn’t be political, Elijah was political,” Kirk said. “How is that not political to confront the powers that be of who is actually god in your land? I want to emphasize that. Elijah is one of the most important figures of the Bible.”

He also told the crowd he thinks “Jezebel is Hillary Clinton. I was doing a deep study, it’s not even an opinion, it’s just a fact.”

Sedra told the audience that churches have to decide if they’re “going to preach the truth of the Bible no matter the cost, or if you’re going to be politically correct and eventually what you say will be illegal.”

Sedra and Kirk also spent time talking about “woke Christianity.”

“Woke Christianity is a very weird thing, a very western thing,” Sedra said. “What woke Christians do is split religion from politics. They fail to realize that politics is religious and religion is political. There is actually no difference between religion and politics…Woke pastors, they’re not just weak and woke, they’re actually womanized pastors.”

He asked audience members to think about Daniel, Paul, and Jesus, among others, and told them “every single character in the Bible was political.”

Kirk told Sedra: “I’m inspired by you. Pastors in this country are largely a joke. So many pastors are afraid of losing a tax status…I want to commend you. If we had 2,000 pastors with the same spirit that you have, the West would be saved.”

“Pastors have to wake the hell up because we are losing ground,” Sedra said.

Sedra also covered topics such as progressivism and Islam during his hour-long talk, even distinguishing an “unholy alliance” between Islam and progressivism.

“They both hate Christianity, they both hate the West and they both hate America.”

Sedra continued: “If you think Islam cannot destroy America, the history books would actually disagree with you. Islam is a more powerful reality than progressivism. I believe progressivism is the pathway to Islam.”

“Progressivism is a gateway drug to totalitarianism,” said Kirk.

Dream City Church, led by Senior Pastor Luke Barnett, has had ties to Kirk since 2020 when they partnered with the political arm of TPUSA to host a Students for Trump rally. Earlier this month they linked arms to host the Strong Church Dream Conference, a training conference for ministry leaders.

Main photo: Andrew Sedra, left, and Charlie Kirk, right, at Dream City Church’s Freedom Night in America on March 6, 2024 / Photo via social media

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