Acts 17:26 “hath made of one BLOOD all nations of men”


Acts 17:26 KJB – “And hath made of one BLOOD all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation”


ESV (NASB, NIV, NET, Jehovah Witness NWT, Catholic versions) – “And he made from one MAN every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place”


The word “man” is actually not in any Greek text. They just added it so the verse would make sense. Omitting the word “blood” (αιματος) are the usual suspects. Sinaiticus, Vaticanus Alexandrinus and P 74.


The Greek manuscript Psi actually reads “made of one MOUTH”


The words “of one blood” (εξ ενος αιματος) are found in the Majority of all remaining manuscripts including D, E, L, P, as well as the Old Latin ar, d, e, gig, ro, w, and the Syriac Peshitta, Harclean, Armenian, Georgian, and Slavonic ancient versions and are so quoted by such early church writers as Ephraem, Chrysostom, Theodoret and Theophylact.


Also reading that God “hath made OF ONE BLOOD all nations of men” are the following Bibles – Tyndale 1525, Coverdale 1535, the Great Bible 1540, Matthew’s Bible 1549, the Bishops’ Bible 1568, the Geneva Bible 1587, Beza N.T. 1599, Whiston’s N.T. 1745, Worsley N.T. 1770, Haweis N.T. 1795, Thomson Translation 1808, The Revised Translation 1815, Webster bible 1833, Living Oracles 1835, The Pickering N.T. 1840, The Boothroyd Bible 1853, Julia Smith Translation 1855, Sawyer N.T. 1858, The Revised N.T. 1862, The Smith Bible 1876, Sharpe Bible 1883, Darby 1890, Young’s 1898, The Clarke N.T. 1913, Lamsa’s 1933 translation of the Syriac Peshitta, the Bible in Basic English 1961, New Life Version 1969, Amplified bible 1987, The Koster Scriptures 1998, The Laurie N.T. 1998, God’s First Truth 1999, the World English Bible 2000, the Tomson N.T. 2002, Apostolic Polyglot Bible 2003, Green’s Literal 2005, The Pickering N.T. 2005, Complete Apostle’s Bible 2005, The Natural Israelite Bible, Jubilee Bible 2010, The Conservative Bible 2010, The Hebrew Transliteration Scriptures 2010, The Aramaic Bible in Plain English 2013, The English Majority Text N.T. 2013, The Modern English Version 2014, The Modern Literal N.T. 2014, The Far Above All Translation 2014, Hebrew Names Version 2014, and the New Matthew Bible 2016.


Foreign Language Bibles – “of one blood”


The Italian Diodati 1649 – “d’un medesimo sangue”, Luther’s German bible 1545, German Schlachter bible 2000 – “von einem Blut”, the Spanish Sagradas Escrituras 1569, Cipriano de Valera 1602, Reina-Valera 1960-1995 – “de una sangre”, the French Martin bible 1744, French Ostervald 1996 – “d’un seul sang”, the Portuguese Almeida 1681 – “E de um só sangue fez toda a geraçäo dos homens” and the Romanian Fidela Bible 2014 – “dintr-un singur sânge “


The Modern Greek Translation – εξ ενος αιματος παν εθνος ανθρωπων


And The Modern Hebrew Bible –


ויושב כל עממי בני אדם על כל פני האדמה מדם אחד ויצב מועדים קבועים וגבולת מושבם


So once again it comes down to the Reformation Bible text or the Vatican Versions.